The Publishing Issue

Our Story

The Publishing Issue is an online publishing platform that supports rising talent in the industry and fosters the creation of quality content. It started with a thought to amplify the voices of promising poets, authors, and writers and helping them publish their work. In looking for the most feasible, and accessible model to achieve our goal, we came up with a bi-monthly digital publication that brings promising poets and writers to the forefront.

There is no dearth of upcoming talent in the industry; however, between the content that is created and the tiny percentage that is actually published, a majority of quality content goes unnoticed. 

“We aim to serve as the bridge between the creation and expression of content by helping creatives reach an audience that recognises their talent.”


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Our Goals

We aspire to build a community that acknowledges rising creatives in the publishing industry. We are strong believers of equality of opportunity that’s why we encourage submissions from all writers and poets, irrespective of experience and age. We appreciate quality of work and talent; just because you have not been published before, is no reason for you not to be published now.

Our anthology will be released digitally, every two months and will be made available free of cost. It will focus on a collection of literary works including poems, short stories, and excerpts from larger works of fiction and non-fiction. As we gain more traction, we aim to increase the frequency of publications and hopefully, even introduce print versions. Till then, we will keep working to get your work published digitally, so keep the submissions coming.

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