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The Publishing Issue is an online publishing platform that supports rising talent in the industry and fosters the creation of quality content. It started with a thought to amplify the voices of promising poets, authors, and writers...

Meet the Team

Preetika Sihag
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Founder and Editor

Preetika Sihag

Preetika studied law in India before changing directions to pursue her interest in books…

Ana Martinez Soto
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Ana Martinez Soto

Ana moved from Spain to study English Literature and Linguistics in Edinburgh…

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Editor and Writer

Sofie de Linde

Sofie completed a BA in Art History and Literature in Paris before turning her attention…

Vaidehi Tikekar
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Graphic Designer

Vaidehi Tikekar

With a major interest in book design and production, Vaidehi recently graduated with…

Can ChatGPT write a best-selling novel?

  With all the buzz around ChatGPT and how it’s going to revolutionise our work lives, I (like many of you) couldn’t help but wonder if ChatGPT could in fact write a best-selling novel. Imagine, if you could just type […]

Different roles in a publishing house

  Do you love books? Do you often find yourself wondering if you can make a career in the publishing industry? Well, here’s all you need to know about the different roles you can take up in a publishing house. […]

Why we forget most books we read

Has it ever happened that you look at a book you’re certain you’ve read before but you can’t remember what it’s about? You may remember other ancillary details like where you bought it from or when you read it, but […]


Workshops and Talks

We will soon be posting updates regarding workshops and talks with industry experts - who will share useful insights to improve your craft and writing.

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