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We understand that at some level, your work is a reflection of you, which is why we at The Publishing Issue take exceptional care throughout the editing and designing process to keep the soul of your work intact. We’re a team of budding publishing professionals who intend on making publishing more accessible and open to all – readers and writers alike. Each member has a different role to play, but what is common amongst all our team members is the vision to support budding creatives in the industry. You can start by placing your trust in us..

Preetika Sihag
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Preetika Sihag (Founder and Editor)

Preetika studied law in India before changing directions to pursue her interest in books and publishing. On completing her MA from the University of the Arts in London, she returned home with the hope to build a community that supports and appreciates the talent of rising creatives from around the world. She a true believer of the thought – words can conquer all.

Ana Martinez Soto
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Ana Martinez Soto (Editor)

Ana moved from Spain to study English Literature and Linguistics in Edinburgh. Thereon, she decided to dedicate her professional career to book publishing and completed a master’s in Publishing from the University of the Arts in London. Ana is a happy soul and a lover of fiction; there’s never a dull day with her around.

Vaidehi Tikekar
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Vaidehi Tikekar (Graphic Designer)

With a major interest in book design and production, Vaidehi recently graduated with a Masters in Publishing. She is intrigued by the different facets of engagement that define a reader’s relationship and experience with books. Inclined rather towards print, all her work begins with this basic idea. Vaidehi is a perfectionist and takes design very seriously. You can find some of her work on her Instagram handle Of.lines.and.grids.

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Sofie de Linde (Editor and Writer)

Sofie completed a BA in Art History and Literature in Paris before turning her attention to book publishing. Trying to combine her passion for art and books, she undertook a publishing program at the University of the Arts London. Sofie is always composed; you can see her stressing out – practically never.

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