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Frequently asked questions

We’d love to hear from you. Can’t find the answer to your queries in the FAQs? Have a suggestion for us? Feel free to reach out to us at

What if I want to submit a writing piece but the deadline has passed?

Having you join us in our quest to amplify the voices of the rising creatives of the writing community is our true moto. However, to keep-up with our schedules and to ensure smooth functioning of the teams internally, we encourage you to make your submissions on time. We will be unable to accept submissions once the deadlines have passed. You may wait and submit your work for our next publication.

My writing piece exceeds the prescribed word limit, can I still submit the work?

We strongly recommend that you conform to the prescribed submission guidelines. Although, in rare cases, we may be able to accept certain works, where shortening the length of the work will alter its meaning, impact or depiction.

Can I withdraw a submission after it gets selected for publication?

You may withdraw the submission any time before it is selected for publication. Unfortunately, once it has been selected, it will not be possible for you to withdraw your submission, excluding instances when a submission has been published, or has been accepted for publication, elsewhere between the period of submission and shortlisting. You must inform us immediately if work submitted has been accepted for publication elsewhere by emailing us at

What if I want a print copy of the publication?

At this moment we are only launching digital versions of our anthology. However, if you are interested in purchasing print versions of our publication, kindly write to us at

Will the digital publication be made available free of charge?

We at The Publishing Issue aim to make the publication easily accessible for all, which is why it is available free of charge.

Can I submit a manuscript for publication?

At this stage we are open to accepting poems, short stories, memoirs, and poetry extracts and extracts from complete works, as long as they make sense on their own. In the future, as we gain more traction and as our team grows, we hope to incorporate complete manuscripts within our purview of publishing.

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